The 20 Best Books of 2018, According to the Most Well-Read Women We Know

The end of 2018 is nigh, which for the voracious readers among us, means it's time to take stock of the best books we added to our shelves this year. Admittedly, this is no easy task. From highly anticipated debuts written by emerging authors to long-awaited novels by established writers, there are too many contenders deserving of the title "best book of 2018" to count. 

For help narrowing the list, we asked the most well-read women we know to weigh in on the best books of 2018. Ahead, Ebony LaDelle, founder of Coloring Books, a newsletter that recommends books by up-and-coming authors of diverse backgrounds; Hayanna Kim, founder of Her Pickings, a bookish Instagram account that's garnered something of a cult following; Miriam Chan, founder of The Lev, an L.A.-based community bookstore that promotes women writers; and Payton Turner and Eliza Wexelman, co-founders of Girls at Library, an online journal featuring interviews with women who have a passion for reading, reveal the year's most notable titles.

Spanning a modern retelling of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice to a witty collection of essays from one of the brightest minds in English literature today to a stirring love story so compelling it's received Oprah's stamp of approval, these are the entertaining, thought-provoking, inspiring books you need to read before 2019.