Wish Away Your Winter Blues With the 15 Best Places to Travel in December

Whether you are snowed in or just avoiding the low temperatures outside, everyone faces a shortage of vitamin D in the wintertime. Beyond that, cabin fever can have very real effects on our psyche, so no matter the destination, it is always good to leave the house.

Deciding on a place to travel in December seems like a loaded query. If you would like to forget about the cold until your return home, tropical destinations are probably where your mind will take you. We will always support a little R&R on the beach; in the winter, you have the added benefit of fewer crowds, especially in the northern hemisphere. On the southern side of the planet, everyone is enjoying summertime and all the sunshine that comes with it, so all destinations there are safe for a snowy reprieve.

There are also great reasons to visit colder regions during this time of year. We found places whose old-world charm is exacerbated by blankets of snow, beautiful slopes for shredding on skis or snowboards, and even mountainous resorts where you can relax with some hot cocoa and take in the picturesque landscape.

Don’t let the cold gnaw at your bones indefinitely. Find your perfect escape in our recommendations below.