14 Travel Influencers Reveal the One Destination They're Itching to Return To

In 2019, it's safe to say you're more likely to select your next travel destination and plan the trip based on Instagram photos and blogger recommendations than by turning to a traditional travel agency (and for good reason). Thanks to Instagram, Pinterest, and other forms of social media, endless travel inspiration is never too hard to find. Not only can you live vicariously through your favorite travel bloggers, but you can also legitimately plan a vacation based on their favorite destinations and must-visit stops to check out while you're there.

In the spirit of making new plans for the New Year, we tapped a few travel influencers for their take on where to go in 2019. While they've logged more miles than most, there are some destinations even these globetrotters would like to return to for a second trip. Ahead, find out the one spot 14 different travel pros have already visited but are dying to go back to (and their recommendations for where to eat, sleep, and play while you're there). From major cities like Paris and Florence to lesser-known islands of the coast of Spain and Italy, these are the best travel destinations of 2019.