18 Great Gifts (That You'll Secretly Want to Keep for Yourself)

Every year, the same sequence of events ensues. Fall comes around, and you know you still have weeks to go before you even start thinking about buying Christmas gifts; then, suddenly, it's mid-December, retailers are advertising their imminent ship-by dates, and you haven't even thought of what to get your nearest and dearest. Sound familiar? Between the end-of-year rush at work and the panoply of holiday parties to attend, it's easy to let this task slip off the to-do list until the very last minute.

If you want to break the cycle and start early this year, we rounded up the perfect Christmas gifts for friends. Because sure, you know you have to buy presents for your immediate family, doorman, and hair colorist, but think about how much your closest pals do for you each year: They support you through everything from breakups to layoffs, they motivate you to hit that workout class every weekend, they listen to your incessant tirades about everything from politics to the Kardashians. If anyone on your list deserves a gift, it's your friends. And who knows? You may even find the perfect holiday gift for Mom or your favorite co-worker, too.