Don't Watch Hungry: 11 of the Best Cooking Shows on Netflix

Food is a global unifier. Cooking styles and tastes may differ across the world, but the process for creating dishes requires all the same instincts. And when the meal hits the plate, it brings people together. So it follows that shows about food have been some of the most successful in the history of television. The first star you probably think of is Julia Child, and other modern celebrities include Emeril Lagasse and Alton Brown.

Never one to miss out on a trend, Netflix has been ramping up its cooking content, and its original programs complement its acquisitions nicely. We divided the shows up between the competitions and documentaries for your different moods in our roundup below. Check out the best cooking shows that are currently up on Netflix’s streaming service. You may also benefit from just adding all the shows to your watchlist so you can watch them in due time.