12 Crockpot Winter Soups to Make When Cold Nights Feel Way Too Long

Imagine a perfect winter night. Outside, the temperatures are freezing and the sky is inky black. You're indoors under a warm blanket, and a fireplace nearby is crackling with dancing flames. It's cozy and comfortable. But you know what? It's also just past six o'clock.

Winter can be a beautiful and heartwarming season, but it can also be long. Very, very long. And when its endless nights seem to drag through the hours, this otherwise peaceful period can be a challenge to get through. That's why winter crockpot soups are so appealing. Not only do they tap into the snuggle-ready feeling in the air, but they also put those long hours to use with little effort on your end.

We found 12 crockpot winter soups to try from now until spring so that your early sunsets can be met with delicious meals. From a Tuscan white bean and sausage soup with a parmesan topping to a classic chicken soup with an unexpected addition of farro—and other options that put a twist on classic dishes—these 12 recipes are sure to bring some added excitement to your winter nights. And hey, as lovely as they can be, sometimes those easy thrills are needed.