15 Décor Essentials Under $25 to Buy When You’re Bored

We don't know about you, but the transitional season between winter and spring currently has us craving change. We're itching to replace our velvet throw pillow covers with linen ones, swap our sheepskin rugs with handwoven cotton floor coverings, and ditch metallic light fixtures for natural fiber floor lamps. Simply put, we're bored with the stale shades and tired textures of winter.

But because no one wants to drain their bank account simply because they're bored, we sourced cheap thrills that'll help get us through this transitional phase from some of our favorite affordable home retailers. (Think: Zara, H&M, Target, and IKEA.) Honestly, there are so many stylish steals available right now that we had to restrain ourselves from making this list double in length.

Keep scrolling to shop an edited list of 15 décor essentials under $25 that you won't regret adding to your cart.