7 Apps That Make Gift-Giving So Much Easier

These days, we get everything delivered: our groceries, our laundry, even our tampons! So why shouldn't we have gifts delivered as well? With online shopping becoming the norm, it's rarer for us to go out to a store to buy a gift for our nearest and dearest. But online stores aren’t always set up to make gift-giving a seamless process. In the current world of “Uber for everything,” there are numerous apps to carry out the act of gift-giving on demand.

But as Facebook continues to alert us to our closest friends’ birthdays and Instagram shoutouts take birthday cards public, we can’t help but feel that the world of gift-giving might be lacking that essential personal touch. To make your next gift purchase a lot easier, we’ve rounded up a list of wonderfully thoughtful gift-gifting apps that go the extra mile to make birthday gift delivery a snap and make your special someone feel extra-loved. Best of all: It’ll be ordered and done in just a few taps.