Inside Fashion Designer Erin Fetherston's Chic New Home Collection

The first thought to strike us upon crossing the threshold of Erin Fetherston’s immaculately edited L.A. abode was paradox found. The designer’s ineffable blend of airy yet grounded aesthetics is at once bohemian and modern, tasteful and imaginative, youthful and timeless. Every bit as inviting and poised as the designer herself, Fetherston’s debut home décor collection, a collaboration with interior design brand Fragments Identity, is marked with a sense of easy charisma and bold femininity—characteristics she’s already well known for in the fashion world.

The collection, a flurry of highly textured white upholstered pieces peppered with jet black and luxe linen details, was in part conceived out of Fetherston’s quest for the holy grail of family homes: the kid-friendly all-white space. On the heels of her first pregnancy, Fetherston moved cross-country to undertake the design of her dream family dwelling. Read on to hear the designer sound off on the happy discoveries she made while feathering her nest, all of which are now conveniently shoppable. If we learned one thing, it’s that Fetherston loves to share.

What do you think of Fetherson’s sleek all-white abode? Tell us your thoughts and shop the collection below.