17 Things I'm Buying for My New Apartment That Prove I'm a Grown-Up

Buying an apartment in New York is a weirdly adult thing to do, and like all signs you're getting older, it crept up on us entirely unexpectedly. It began as innocent open-house visits, which, as you may or may not know, are the secret weekend pastime of New Yorkers who quite enjoy judging how other people live and need something to do after brunch.

Quick recap: Over the past couple of years, my partner Jake and I have gone from making out at his sister’s wedding (summer of July 2016, San Francisco) to me pretending not to live in his oversize studio in Chelsea during the workweek (early 2017, high ceilings, no closet space, three convenient blocks from the Who What Wear offices), to Jake moving into my apartment in Williamsburg (March 2018, even higher ceilings, a spare bedroom, and an amazing deal on rent thanks to my wonderful friend).