7 Keto Sheet Pan Recipes to Keep Your Diet (and Your Kitchen) Clean

Abiding by the ketogenic diet does not have to limit you to salads and low-carb alternative meals. Keeping fats high and carbs low will ensure that your body burns body fat rather than the surface-level sugars that might come from desserts or sugary fruits. There are exceptions to every rule, especially with regard to fruit, but these guidelines are standard. If this seems limiting, then we have some great suggestions to open your mind to the possibilities.

The oven is one of the most important appliances in a kitchen, and it can be a helpful tool to reduce the fried foods in your diet. It may require a longer cooking time, but like a crockpot, a dish in the oven can be forgotten about until the food is ready to devour. Not to mention, the meals you make are bound to be healthier because of the ingredients that work best in an oven setting, namely flavorful vegetables and versatile protein—great for those on the keto diet.

To make the most of the beloved baking sheet and the keto diet, we have compiled a few reliable keto sheet pan recipes that you can incorporate into your weekly meal prep. There is no need to muck up the stovetop with any of the below possibilities.