3 Healthy Sheet-Pan Dinners a Foodie Makes When She Doesn't Have Time to Cook


Aubrie Pick

Simply put, sheet pan dinners are genius. A busy home cook's dream, these brilliant one-pan meals require little to no effort. Most recipes involve briefly marinating a protein of choice, chopping up some fresh veggies, and seasoning it all with a few staple pantry spices before tossing everything on a single sheet to roast in the oven. Here at MyDomaine, we've made no effort to conceal our love for the unassuming kitchen essential that makes these easy recipes possible.

In search of inspired healthy sheet-pan recipes to add to our arsenal, we turned to none other than best-selling cookbook author and beloved food blogger Danielle Walker. Known for her ability to turn delicious flavors and simple ingredients into nutritious meals that work with any dietary restriction, Walker is a recipe creator who certainly falls into the genius category.

Here, she shares three healthy sheet-pan dinners from her new cookbook Eat What You Love, including the ridiculously easy honey-mustard salmon she makes when she doesn't have time to cook.