This Is How 19 Interesting Women Define Success Heading Into 2019

What is the definition of success? For many of us, the answer to this question has shifted considerably in 2018. One thing is for sure, we know the path to success isn't linear, and it's definitely not a destination anyway. Success is multifaceted, it's different for everybody, and it fluctuates daily (sometimes hourly). For me, it's about ditching that elusive (and divisive) work/life balance motto or "having it all" mantra and embracing change. Sitting comfortably in a state of flux and being okay with a moving target over a steady and reliable bullseye. In fact, being uncomfortable is where I feel myself being stretched and that's where the best creativity and growth happen. It's not always pleasant, but being comfortable with feeling uncomfortable is something I want to embrace wholeheartedly in 2019.

I think we're all tired of chasing perfection. Even though a part of me will always yearn for it, I've learned how destructive that can be both personally and professionally. Besides, it's in those messy and imperfect moments that we truly thrive and develop resilience and grit. All qualities that will get us through the hard times, and the good. So, as we head into 2019, we asked 19 interesting women one question: How do you define success?

Ahead they share their definition along with how its changed this year and what they think it means for women now and into 2019.