Instant Pot Spaghetti Is "Easier Than Boiling Water"—These 6 Recipes Prove It

It's easy to get a thrill from pasta—this chef-approved recipe makes us giddy. When the major skill of creating this dish revolves around pulling out noodles from boiling water at just the right moment—and the main draw is that it can be served in under an hour—it's obvious that this classic Italian food should be praised for its simplicity and speed. And that's just when we're talking about making pasta on a stovetop. If you choose to cook it in an Instant Pot, well, then prepare for a new type of thrill.

Ever since the Instant Pot gained notoriety for its efficiency at cooking otherwise time-consuming meals, namely meat and soups, it's become an indispensable kitchen appliance with a devoted following. But if you have yet to cook pasta with it, then you're not seeing its real potential. Cooking pasta in an Instant Pot delivers on its well-known flavor, and can take less time than the traditional method. In fact, Abbey Rodriguez from The Butter Half jokes that these recipes are "easier than boiling water."

We gathered six pasta recipes to try with an Instant Pot, starting with a twist on spaghetti and meatballs, that'll prove how handy it can be at making this meal. Then from Cacio e Pepe to fettuccini alfredo, you'll have plenty of reasons to make it an Instant Pot pasta night—if only for the thrill.