A Celebrity Stylist's 7 Tips on Choosing the Right Jewelry for Work


Getty Images/Christian Vierig 

When it comes to work and fashion, it's common to hear the phrase, "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have." And while that may be true, even in the age of sweatshirts and C-suites, it's harder to gauge how that adage can be reflected in jewelry. "Jewelry is a great way to express personality and style," celebrity stylist Caley Rinker says. "However, depending on the office environment, there are some rules to follow."

Traditional offices, for instance, may expect business casual attire from employees rather than the laid-back looks of more modern workplaces. In each space, it's best to follow the sartorial clues of those surroundings—and of what higher-ups are wearing in particular. If you're seeing more pearls in meetings, then veer toward classic pieces. But if you're noticing bolder accessories in the halls, then feel free to take more chances. As long as you're mostly in line with what you see from 9-to-5, then you shouldn't worry too much.

Nevertheless, if you're still as overwhelmed about how to master jewelry for work as you were about sitting at your desk on the first day, then take a deep breath. Rinker has provided seven easy tips to follow when you're looking to dress for career success so that soon you'll look like you deserve a promotion.