PSA: Interior Designers Are Retiring These Kitchen Color Trends

It's true, the all-white kitchen trend is still crazy-popular—and this stunning kitchen renovation is proof the timeless look isn't going anywhere anytime soon. That said, kitchens like this one featuring pewter green cabinets designed by Emily Henderson and this one boasting a striking marble backsplash designed by Natalie Myers make us want to embrace more daring color choices in the kitchen. But considering the fact that a renovation is a costly undertaking, we certainly don't want to commit to a hue that won't last.

To gain intel on up-and-coming kitchen trends, we consulted the experts at Homepolish, a premium interior design service that connects customers with interior designers from across the country. Ahead, Homepolish designers Amy Courtney and Olivia Stutz weigh in on the fading kitchen fads to steer clear of—and reveal the ones to try instead. From marble backsplashes to green cabinetry, these are the kitchen color trends you can expect to see more of in 2019, according to interior designers.