This Centuries-Old Practice Is the Key to a Speedy Metabolism



For all the different things that we're told can slow down our metabolism, there seem to be countless more pointers on how to rev it back up. (Eat spicy food! Try interval training! Balance your hormones!) Some of these tips (including the ones mentioned above) are backed by science; others are a bit more anecdotal. But the vast majority of them require some semblance of effort, whether it's selecting the right kinds of food or working out in a certain way.

What if it didn't have to be so complicated? According to research, boosting your metabolism can be as simple as rethinking the way you chew your food. Studies show that eating your food really slowly can actually help you burn up to 10 extra calories per meal—which could amount to up to 2000 extra calories per month. And believe it or not, this practice actually has roots that go back thousands of years.