The Views From This Chic-to-Death NYC Condo Will Take Your Breath Away

When the Big Apple is at your window you certainly want to maximize the view, and that's exactly what designer Chantal Lamberto did with her latest project. Located in Midtown, New York this 2,269 square foot condo features floor-to-wall windows so that every inch of the monochrome home has a first-class seat to the exciting cityscape below.

Aside from the view, Lamberto's design brief was to create a soothing respite, high above the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. The monochromatic tones and textures certainly inspire comfort and relaxation. In conjunction with comfort, the function was key. "If something didn’t serve a specific purpose then it wasn’t placed," explains Lamberto. "Less is more was the mantra. Minimal but with warmth."

Read on to see more of this monochromatic space with style notes from Lamberto along the way (and a glimpse at the striking views).