The 14 Most Beautiful Cities in the U.S. Will Take Your Breath Away

We're huge fans of international travel. London, Paris, Hong Kong, Rome, Rio, Tokyo, Tel Aviv… These are just some of the faraway destinations bursting with exciting adventures, rich histories, and striking landscapes. And while they'll forever have a place on our travel bucket lists (and in our hearts, once we make it there), today we're staying a little closer to home by highlighting the most beautiful cities in the U.S. 

Indeed, America's cities are as diverse as the population and terrain, so the number of breathtaking and culturally fascinating and fun cities is pretty incredible. We have major metropolises and cosmopolitan hubs, smaller cities with fairytale charm, and midsized locales with close proximity to nature. So if you want to stick closer to home but also want to plan a trip—or if you're considering relocating to a new state—you have plenty of options. Whether you're an urbanite at heart or you prefer to keep your city slicking excursions within a weeklong visit, these are the 14 most beautiful cities in the U.S. to see. Get ready for a virtual tour of the country that'll take your breath away.