This Nutritionist's Striking San Diego Home Will Make You Want a White Kitchen

What do you think about first when decorating your space? Is it the color scheme? Is it the rug? Or just like a pair of killer shoes, do you plan to build the room around a statement piece of furniture? For Lindsay Surowitz of Weeknight Bite food was the starting off point. As a certified nutritionist, food is a through-line that connects her work to her personal life and so she wanted a space that reflects that common thread.

It was important that the 3400 square foot home was open with ample space to entertain both indoor and out. "I’ve always loved hosting my friends and family, so it was really important to me to turn our home into a place for gathering and relaxing, where I could have our favorite people over, drink some wine, play cornhole in the backyard, enjoy a delicious meal together, and let everyone get cozy and stay awhile," she explains.

While the home is fairly traditional in style, recent renovations in 2016 opened up the floor plan so it feels spacious, airy, and bright. Located in San Diego, California Surowitz wanted to give the home a beachy and casual feel, while also feeling grown up and sophisticated at the same time. Take the tour and see for yourself with a few style notes from Surowitz along the way.