This Is Exactly How Much Salt to Put in Your Pasta Water, Says a New York Chef

Pasta is an easy go-to weekday meal. You cook it as per the packet's instruction, make (or, let's be real: reheat) a sauce on the side, combine in a bowl, top with parmesan and cracked pepper, and serve. But there are a few reasons homemade pasta often doesn't quite have the same silky-smooth texture and rich flavor as it does in a true Italian restaurant. To demystify the art of making the perfect at-home weeknight pasta, we headed into the NYC kitchen of celebrity chef Scott Conant (he owns The Ponte restaurant in L.A.). Often referred to as "the Maestro of pasta," Conant has perfected the art of the pantry pasta.

A few weeks ago, he showed us a step-by-step on how to easily re-create one of his favorite recipes in 10 minutes or less. Ready to taste the best pasta of your life? From exactly how much salt to add to your water to how long to cook your sauce or how to use your pasta water, Conant walks us through the secret behind a next-level plate of pasta. The best part? This bucatini recipe with heirloom tomatoes takes minutes to make and only requires a handful of ingredients—but you'll never guess from its delicious taste.

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This post was originally published on November 20, 2017, and has since been updated.