9 Simple Soup Recipes That Take 20 Minutes Or Less to Prep

Blame it on 50-degree temps, blame it on Instagram, or blame it on Alison Roman (again), but all I want for dinner these days is soup. In case you missed it, earlier this winter Alison Roman, the bestselling author of the cookbook Dining In with a penchant for creating viral recipes, did it again with her recipe for Spiced Chickpea Stew With Coconut and Turmeric. Referred to simply as "the stew," the hearty, golden-brothed soup has become beloved by Instagram, and by yours truly. 

Seeing as I've already made the stew several times (five, to be exact), I scoured the web for equally delicious recipes to add to my arsenal. Spanning a hearty green lentil stew made with spinach, creamy tahini, and lemon and old-school tomato soup, these are the simple soup recipes I'm making on repeat until March 20. The best part? Like Roman's Insta-famous stew, they all take 20 minutes or less to prep.