30 Things to Do Before a Flight to Make You the Most Serene Person on the Plane

Vacations always seem to come at just the right time. Maybe you've been working long hours lately, or you've been balancing some issues at home. Perhaps you're celebrating a significant milestone, or you're starting an exciting new chapter of your life. It could even be true that the "right time" for a getaway appeared when you wanted it to—you simply desired a temporary change in scenery and acted on it. Whatever the reason for a trip may be, it always feels needed as soon as it's underway.

But the same can't be said about the days and weeks leading up to a vacation. In that frantic period, when deadlines routinely appear unannounced and mandatory events take place and hours seem to pass as quickly as seconds, it feels as though everything about your life is telling you not to leave. Don't give into that panic. Because as soon as you feel white sand between your toes, taste faraway flavors, or see storied sights, you'll be glad you left. You only have to prep for it first.

In order to try and make the lead-up to a vacation as stress-free as possible, we provided a list of 30 things to do before a flight. These tips—which have been parceled out over the month, week, days, and hours leading up to the airport—can help you to do everything from booking a memorable activity to packing a thoughtful suitcase to even remembering to set your out-of-office email response prior to departure. With this checklist in hand, you'll have the clarity to tie up loose ends before your trip and truly enjoy it unfold. And that's all that matters.