These 8 Travel Tips Will Make You Fall Head Over Heels in Love With Italy

Traveling is one of life’s great joys. While there is a great deal to discover stateside, America only comprises a fraction of the world’s wonders. It’s time to leave your comfort zone, head to Italy, and do as the locals do: Journey to the Amalfi Coast.

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the globe, and rightfully so. Rome features some of the country’s most incredible historic monuments, clichéd fare, and is the setting for internationally significant films and novels. Don’t expect the entire country to provide the same experience, either; regional culture and cuisine can vary wildly.

Venture north and you will find industrialized cities such as Milan and Genoa, where local food is comprised of soft cheeses and gamey meats. If your plans include Sicily or Naples, you may find yourself consuming more olive oil and pasta.

We want you to feel at home even on your first trip to the Boot. That is why we have compiled some tips to make your Italian vacation as smooth as pannacotta. Buon viaggio!