No One Will Know These 15 Yummy Thanksgiving Desserts Are Vegan

Although most holidays have a way of bringing people around a table to share a well-prepared meal with each other, no holiday is more centered around food than Thanksgiving. In the weeks leading up to the yearly tradition of indulging in opulent main courses, plentiful side dishes, and tasty desserts, home cooks everywhere will prepare their menus with their best holiday dishes. 

As delicious and filling as a Thanksgiving meal is, there's still always room for a bit of dessert to finish off the celebratory feast. While there are classics like pumpkin and pecan pie, there's no reason you can't stray from tradition and serve a sweet treat with a twist, especially if you're planning on providing a vegan-friendly option. After all, who says indulging can't be healthy?

When it comes to vegan Thanksgiving desserts, there's an astounding number of mouthwatering recipes to whip up. The best part is that most also happen to be gluten-free, too, making the job of hosting people with dietary restrictions that much easier. You can prepare no-bake chocolate chip cookies, pecan pie bars, roasted strawberry ice cream, or an apple crisp crumble all with a clever vegan twist. Take a look at these 15 scrumptious vegan Thanksgiving desserts and plan your final course around a healthy dish that doesn't sacrifice on flavor.